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Responsibilities:Planning & Environmental Monitoring Authority

  1. Monitor, supervise and control all physical and environmental development programmes:
  2. Assist the coordination of the activities of all agencies involved in the prevention of the development of slum areas in the state;
  3. Carry out studies and suggest policies for the control of street trading;
  4. Monitor the environment and ensure that roads, drainage, channel/canals, water installations and other social service facilities are prevented from damages or sabotage by individuals or groups;
  5. Monitor all the road setbacks and public open spaces to prevent their abuse or misuse and ensure urban beautification.
  6. Carry out public enlightenment programmes of the environment;

Ensure the removal of construction and demolition of materials in front of houses or along the road with occupiers of such houses served with notices, and

  1. Carry out other special duties that may be assigned by the Governor or by the Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development.
  2. Regulate the activities of car wash operators in the state with a view to ensuring compliance with standard operational practise.
  3. Regulating the activities of metal scrap dealers through sustainable environmental Development in the state